Who €™s Making What? Online Access to Salary Records For State and Government Employees

How do salaries in state and government jobs compare to private company salaries? Concerned about the payment received by certain employees? All these questions can easily be answered with just a few clicks. By law, state and federal employee salary records are public records. As such, anyone can request, from any body of government, the salaries of all employees or even find salary information for one particular employee. State and government employees can include those employed by the city, county, state, state universities, and federal government.

Most states actually provide an online searchable database for state employee salaries. For example through the Georgia Department of Audits and Accounts, performing an online search for Director at the Department of Banking and Finance produces the full name of the director and shows a salary of $93,249.30 for the position. However, it is important to note that the online information available will vary by state. For example, some states with online employee salary records only list the salary for a specific position, as opposed listed and the specific individual and their salary.

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management offers online information about salaries for federal government employees, including Administrative Law Judges and executive level employees. While a searchable database is not available, there are downloadable PDF documents with lists showing occupation and base salary and general salary information.

Having the freedom to access the information that matters to you is an important right in our country, so don’t be afraid to exercise it! Unfortunately, there is no uniform system that dictates which government agencies manage the online posting of salary records. The actual location of the government employee records varies by state, and while contacting your state directly is one way to procure the information, an easier way to locate this information can be through the Free Public Records Directory. Simply choose your state of interest to locate links the links for your state and government employee salaries in your state of interest.ï ¿ ½

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