What are the salaries of your State’s public employees?

Among the many types of public information available on our “Free Public Records Search Directory” you can access the salaries of various federal, state, and county employees. Some of the databases are maintained by newspapers from around the country. Others are maintained by State agencies. Some of the sites provide an accounting of federal or state expenditures, while others allow a salary search of individual employees or positions.

Using the “Federal Employees” website, you can search salaries by name, agency or job title. You can also access the salaries of “U.S. Postal Service” employees by name or title. Through the “Legistorm” website, browse the staff salaries of congressional staff such as U.S. Senators, Representatives, and more.

The following private sites provide information about public employee salaries. “Arkansas Online” provides the name of state employees who were paid $100,000 or more in the 2009 fiscal year. The California “Sacramento Bee” includes a search for state worker salaries including civil service, University of California, and state legislative pay. The “Better Government Association” website lists the state salaries for Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, and Wisconsin. Use the “Kansas City Star” to search the State of Kansas salary database. The website for “Washington State” includes state employees, city and county employees, higher education employees, and other categories of employees. These are just a few of the third party agencies providing salary information.

Some of the states that provide the information directly include such states as “Florida State Payroll” where you can view the payroll from all executive branches, the Lottery, State Attorney and court systems. It also includes Florida State University system employees. The State of Georgia’s “Transparency in Government” website allows a search of state salaries by person, title and organization. The “Iowa Legislature” provides state employee salaries by year and department. The website for “Tennessee State Employees” provides a searchable salary database by name.

If we haven’t listed your specific state, you can check our “Free Public Records Search Directory” website by state to see if there is a salary search link available for your state. As you can see, we provide links to many different websites that provide information about public employees. Depending on your interest and purpose of your search, you should find a website that will be helpful and informative.

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