Warrants and Most Wanted Persons

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One of the many types of information provided by law enforcement agencies throughout the country are online links for “most wanted persons” and “warrants.”

Using our main “Warrant Records Resources” page, you can access a large number of national warrant links such as Drug Enforcement Administration’s “fugitives” website searchable by field office locations; the FBI Most Wanted “terrorists and fugitives” website; and Environmental Protection Agency’s “fugitives wanted for environmental crimes,” These are just some of the national warrant links that our website provides.

Our website also provides links to state and local municipal websites such as felony warrants, misdemeanor warrants, and non-support warrants. Some of the municipal websites include California’s Los Angeles’ Crimestoppers “most wanted and missing persons” website, Florida’s Highway Patrol “most wanted persons” including those persons wanted for identity theft, the State of Oregon Benton County “Parole and Probation Violation Absconders,” and Washington State “Child Support Fugitives” for those parents wanted for non-payment of child support.”

These links provide a valuable resource for both the public and municipal agencies by increasing the chances for apprehending persons wanted for a variety of reasons. The links can also be used for purposes of researching a neighbor, a prospective tenant, a potential employee, or to verify that an ex-spouse is listed appropriately on your state’s “child support” website. The availability and use of these types of links provides a great public service increasing the chances for apprehending potentially dangerous persons.

You can access other types of public records on our “Free Public Records Search Directory” website including such subjects as land records, property tax records, permit records, and more.