Want to Research Environmental Issues?

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The safety of the environment has become a greater and greater concern in the United States today.   In recent years, the federal government, states, counties and cities have passed regulations, and established offices, to provide resources to its citizens regarding environmental issues.   Many of the agencies provide online links for accessing the variety of information available.

The State of California has initiated an environmental education program in schools, grades K-12, believing in the importance of early environmental education.   See California’s Education and the Environmental Initiative page for more information about the program including curriculum.

Alaska provides a Contaminated Sites  link in order to search records regarding Alaska’s contaminated sites by site name, address, or borough.  The State of Oklahoma provides an online Environmental Compliance link in order for concerned citizens to report pollution at specific sites.  The State of Maine offers links on its Programs and Topics page for an extensive list of environmental subjects such as air quality, land and water quality, and waste management.  In Louisiana, you can access maps with a variety of environmental layers such as mineral resources, oil/gas, coastal permits, and offshore areas.  The link is through Louisiana’s Strategic Online Natural Resources Information System website.

Whether you are interested in researching regional environmental issues or whether you must comply with local environmental regulations, you can view the individual state and county environmental sites through Free Public Records Directory – Sustainability and Environmental Health Resources  page.   Also listed on the page are a number of federal sites related to environmental issues.  Among the list of available sites, the following three sites Environmental Protection Agency; Pollution Locator; and Superfund Sites can be searched by state, county or city. 

In addition to links for environmental resources, Free Public Records Directory provides links and resources for many types of public records including property tax records, land records, laws and codes, and permits and inspections among other types.  



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  1. James Hitchcock Ochiltree`

    I am interested in maintenance of community standards, the progress made or not made at Superfund sites like the one in my backyard at the former Brunswick Navy base, and in the standards which provoke biodiversity, somethings in conflict with commercial instincts.


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