Voter Information and Upcoming Elections

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With local and statewide elections coming up this month and in April, you may be wondering what is on the ballot, where to vote or how to register to vote . You can get answers to these questions and more by using our “Voter Records and Elections Information Resources” website.

On the main “Voter Records” webpage, click on the name of your state for statewide election information, voter registration, campaign finance, election results, and more. For information at the local level, you can scroll to your specific county, city or town. Some municipalities will have online information and some will have contact information only.

Examples of some of the available online information includes Arizona’s “Elections” website, which provides a search by county of upcoming elections, your voter registration information, the name and address of the polling place where you’re registered to vote and the status of your absentee ballot. You may also register to vote online on many of the county election websites. California also has a great “Elections” website including such items as statewide ballot measures, upcoming and prior elections, voter registration, and voting resources.

You can check “candidates and races,” among other election related information on Florida’s “Division of Elections” website. On our New Jersey “election page“, there are a variety of links such as lobbying reports, campaign finance reports, election contributions, voter registration status, and a polling place locator. The State of Washington’s “Elections and Voting” website has a link for “Offices Open for Election in 2014” including the office name, incumbent, where to file and filing fee.

These websites are just a few examples of the online voter and election information available to help you navigate the voting process and to stay informed about current and upcoming elections. Be sure to use our “Free Public Records Search Directory” website for a variety of your other public record needs including land records, property tax records, laws, and more.