Virginia Assessor Records

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If you are interested in researching the assessed value of a property in Virginia, this article will provide the necessary steps to conduct your search.

Available information. There are many reasons for researching property values, depending on the Virginia county or city, assessor records generally provide the following information:

• Owner Name and Taxpayer Name (if different).
• Address and Zoning
• Physical Description of Improvements
• Sales History and Ownership Document Numbers
• Legal Description and GIS Maps
• Assessed Value of Improvements and Land

How to get started. On our “Free Public Records Search Directory” main page, click on the “Virginia” link to navigate to “Virginia Free Public Records Directory,” click on “Choose a Public Record Category” and select “Assessor and Property Tax Records.”

Search by county. On the “Virginia Assessor and Property Tax Records Directory” page, you can choose any county or city link to research. For instance, by clicking on Accomack County “Property Search” you can access a yearly land book sorted by owner name which shows the current owner of each property, assessed value and amount of property taxes. Campbell County “Property Search” link searches assessor records by parcel id, owner name, tax id, street address and property description. The search results include the square footage of the improvements, year built, number of rooms and land acreage. Also included are the land value, improvement value and total value of each property. Certain counties such as Augusta County, Caroline County, City of Covington and others also offer parcel searches through GIS maps.  Rockingham County’s “Property Search and GIS Maps” is a good example of map layers and map views available through GIS maps.

County links. To conduct additional searches by county, click on “Return to Results” in the upper right hand corner of the page to return to the main “Virginia Assessor and Property Tax Records Directory” page.  By scrolling down the page, you can click on any one of the available county and city assessor records links.

Main page links. Upon completing your search of assessor records, you can return to the “Free Public Records Search Directory” main page by choosing “Home” or “Free Searches” located in the upper left corner of the page. On the main page, you can conduct a variety of public record searches by state or type of record. A complete list of record types are located on the right side of the main page.

This article explains how to easily search assessor records for Virginia. Our December 2014 blog article entitled “Assessor and Property Tax Records Research” explains in greater detail assessor records searches by state and county. Future blog articles will provide information about other types of public records available through our “Free Public Records Search Directory.” Thank you for using our website for your research needs.