Vehicle Safety and Recalls

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There have been a lot of news reports in the papers and on the air recently regarding vehicle safety and recalls. If you have concerns about the vehicle that you’re driving or questions about any recalls of a vehicle that you’re planning to buy, there are online resources available to help you.

Using our “Traffic Cameras and Reports Resources” website, you can access several websites provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The NHTSA’s main website “” provides links for crash test ratings, recalls and investigations, complaints and defects, car seats, safety technologies, and tire safety.

The “crash test” site includes safety ratings for 1990 – 2010 vehicles, and 2011 and newer vehicles. You can search the safety ratings by model, class or manufacturer including the ability to compare multiple vehicles. The “search safety issues” link provides a search of recalls, investigations and complaints by year, make and model. On the “vehicle complaint” website you can file a complaint online by providing your vehicle information, incident information including date and details of incident, and personal contact information. Complaints can also be made by mail or phone. The “car seat” website includes helpful information about how to choose the right car seat, how to install the car seat properly, and the importance of registering the car seat including an online registration. NHTSA’s “safety technology” website provides information about its 5-Star Safety Ratings System and enhanced technology that’s making cars safer. The “tire safety” website provides useful tips for buying and maintaining tires including a section regarding tire recalls and complaints.

Rather than checking the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website periodically, you can sign up to receive recall notifications by email for tires, car seats, all vehicles or up to 5 specific vehicles. There are also mobile apps available to receive recall notices on your mobile phone.

Since so many of us rely on the safety of our cars, using the above links can provide valuable information to help us make informed decisions. In addition to recall information, our “Traffic” page also provides links to traffic cameras and traffic reports by state, county and city.

For other types of records, our “Free Public Records Search Directory” provides a variety of links searchable by jurisdiction or category including property tax records, land records, permit records, and more.