Utah Ahead of the Curve in Online Access to Statewide Court Records

In any given state, you could typically expect to find maybe one or two statewide court records databases online. Utah is unusual in offering five different means to search court records online. This means easier, faster access to various trial court records, and CourtReference offers links to all of them from its Utah Court Case Records Search page.

Although in other states you may be able to search court records through a particular county’s resource, statewide resources offer the advantage of being able to search for cases even if you do not know the county where the case was heard. Imagine if you wanted to look up court records for someone, but did not know which county to look in – do you really want to search every county’s database? Utah has 29 counties – that’s a lot of time saved by being able to look in one statewide database. (It could be worse, though – Texas has 254 counties!)

Free Services
Some of the resources Utah offers are free and others require payment. The state judiciary offers free access to case filings and court orders in High Profile Cases, including such notable recent cases as State of Utah v. Warren Steed Jeffs.

The state judiciary also offers free access to Weekly District Court Filing Reports, which offer a chance to review basic information on all cases filed, disposed of, or on which judgment was entered in Utah District Courts within a particular week. Using this service, you can view the case number, location where the case was filed, and names of the parties.

Users can also search Justice Court DUI misdemeanor convictions by party name and court name. This service does not hold records for every Justice Court in the state, but does provide access to over 30 courts for free. Records go at least three years back, with the records for some Justice Courts going back 15 years. The DUI database is a private website operated by the Salt Lake Tribune newspaper.

The Salt Lake Tribune also offers free access to District Court charge information from 1997 through present. This database is searchable by party name and provides information such as disposition, attorney, and case number, as well as related charges.

Paid Services
All District Court and some Justice Court records are available through a state-contracted private company called XChange. How far back records go in this service depends on the court where the case was heard. Most district court records are available at least from 1998-present, but some District Courts may not go quite that far back. With the justice courts, it is different for each court.

Historical Records
Looking for court records from the 19th or early 20th centuries? The Division of Archives offers free access to archived court records. Although the records themselves are not available online, an online index of records available provides the reel number and location of particular records, including probate, divorce and district court records, so that they are easy to track down.

In addition to the resources above, Salt Lake City offers online access to its Justice Court records. Still looking for information? Contact your local court clerk. CourtReference’s Utah Courts directory can help you find contact information.

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