Track Crime in York County

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Residents of York County, Virginia can now track crime in their neighborhoods thanks to a new online crime map launched by the York-Poquoson Sheriff’s Office. The sheriff’s office has partnered with BAIR Analytics to provide this new crime mapping program called RAIDS Online. This interactive crime mapping website allows the sheriff’s office to automatically upload crime information as it occurs providing York County residents a firsthand look at crimes occurring in their county. The service went online last week.

This program allows citizens to map criminal offenses by date, location, and time span. Crimes such as thefts, assaults, burglaries, arson, robberies, and homicides are displayed. The system uses colored maps, icons and symbols providing easy to read crime information that is very user-friendly. Residents can use the system to view crimes near their home, school, work or other areas of interest. Zoom in or out to view a specific neighborhood, town or the entire county. Clicking the individual icons provides an address, whether the location is residential or commercial, and the date and time the crime was reported. Residents also can sign up for neighborhood crime alerts to receive daily, weekly or monthly emails with a breakdown of crimes in their area. There is currently a full year’s worth of data uploaded into the system and new incident reports will be added weekly.

This crime mapping system is quick and very easy to use. This program enables the public to stay updated on criminal activity and crime trends so they can make more informed decisions about their safety. It can be a very useful tool for parents, business owners, home buyers, realtors, law makers, neighborhood watch groups, and citizens who want to stay informed. In addition to being a public information tool, the system’s mapping and analytical tools also help the sheriff’s office to identify emerging crime patterns and hot spots which will lead to better service for the residents of York County.

RAIDS Online is also being used by other area law enforcement agencies as well, including Alexandria, James City and Newport News Police Departments. All of these agencies are using the system without any cost to taxpayers and it doesn’t cost residents anything to access the program.

To access this crime map, along with the sheriff’s weekly crime logs and annual crime reports, visit the York County, Virginia Free Public Records Directory. There, you will also find access to inmate records, registered sex offenders, wanted persons and other York County public records. The Free Public Records Directory provides links and resources to a number of different public records such as land records and deeds, business licensing records, foreclosures, laws and codes, inspection records, and more. Information can be found on the national, state, county, and local levels.

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