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Yes, it does seem like there’s an app for everything. What about court calendars and other case information? Although some courts don’t have that information online, many do – and a few are providing apps to make that same information available on mobile devices.

There are many apps available to track important cases, mostly U.S. Supreme Court cases. There are also many apps that provide access to state and federal laws and court rules. So far, these are commercial products available at the app store, but neither available from nor sanctioned by court systems.

Some appellate-level courts, such as the Ninth Appellate District of the Ohio Court of Appeals, have court-specific apps.  But what if you want to look up a local case in your county’s trial-level court? Until recently, you had to make a trip to the court clerk’s office. Even recently, you had to be at a computer or a phone with web browsing capability to access the court’s website (or to CourtReference, which would direct you to the correct court website). But now, a few courts have apps for iOS, Android, or BlackBerry devices that give users direct access to the same information.

Nebraska has a statewide online search for District and County Court calendars, and it now includes apps for iOS or Android that you can download from the search page.

In Louisiana , the Jefferson Parish Clerk of Courts offers several apps for iOS, BlackBerry, and Android:

  • An election results app that allows citizens to check election results and find their polling place
  • A jury service app that allows prospective jurors to confirm the need to appear, to reschedule, to apply for an exemption, to watch an instructional video, and to find Clerk of Courts contacts
  • An Attorney’s Toolbox that allows users to search docket calendars for District Court and First and Second Parish Court, get commonly-used forms, check court fees, and find Clerk of Courts contacts and locations
  • A Clerk of Courts app that includes all of the above

The Nebraska and Louisiana apps are from private developers, but they’re free and available for download directly from the court websites.

In Ohio, the Toledo Municipal Court is about to unveil its own court calendar app; it’s not available yet, but news reports say it’s on the way. This app will not only provide calendar information, it will also allow users to look up their fines so they can pay the correct amount – online, of course. UPDATE: The app is no longer on the way; it’s live. Even better, it now includes case records searches. Download from the link in the left column on the Clerk of Courts web page!

Although there really isn’t an app for everything, we’re headed in that direction, and courts are getting on board.

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