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Interested in knowing if your child’s teacher holds a Teachers National Board Certification? Has the teacher taken the extra steps to become Board certified? The National Board Certification is an advanced teaching credential that teachers can obtain in addition to their State teaching licenses. This additional certification helps teachers improve their teaching skills, helps students succeed by expanding the teachers’ expertise and leadership abilities, and learn how to better monitor student learning.

You can find out about the teachers in your school district by searching the list of the 97,000 National Board Certified teachers by state, city, school district, and name using the “National Board Certified Teachers Directory.”

Are you currently a teacher wondering about getting your National Board Certification? If so, you can find out more about Board certification including what it is, the benefits, the available certificates, the eligibility requirements, the assessment process, and the fees involved on the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) “Become a Candidate” webpage. Also available on the website is an “online application” to get the process started.

The certification is achieved through additional study, evaluation, self-assessment and a review by peers. In addition to improving teaching skills, obtaining Board certification can help with career advancement, can allow movement from state to state, can improve salary potential, and can be used towards continuing education credits.

The Arizona Department of Education provides some fee support for candidates and works to provide funding through a competitive application process as described on its “National Board Certification” page. Florida’s Department of Education “Excellent Teaching Program” provides bonuses to teachers who attain certification and to certified teachers who mentor certificate applicants.

The State of New York allows Board certified teachers to obtain a New York teaching certificate without meeting any additional education or testing requirements as explained on “New York Office of Teaching Initiatives.” The Washington Superintendent of Public Instruction “National Board Certified Teachers” provides information about becoming a candidate, guidance for candidates, and information for existing Board certified teachers such as bonuses, leadership opportunities, and required renewals.

Using the NBPTS “State and Local Information” page, you can search any state to find special programs offered to assist teachers in obtaining the National certification including funding, available scholarships, and a list of School Districts by state that offer incentives. Although obtaining a National Board Certification requires additional fees, hours of additional study and effort, and between one to three years, the benefits are many to both teachers and students.

You can find other links related to education on the main page of each State on our “Free Public Records Search Directory.” Other public records such as professional licenses, government jobs, and more can be searched by state, county or type.

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