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Law Librarians Are There For You

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So you need to do some legal research for a court case in which you’re representing yourself, or you want to look up a particular local statute, or you simply want to read the court’s opinion for the interesting case you just heard about on the news? Now that you know about the existence of your local public law libraries to meet these needs, how do you get started? It can be intimidating to walk into a law library is you are not a law student or a member of the legal profession.

This is where law librarians come in. … Read More

Texas DPS implements criminal record expunction procedures

  The Texas Department of Public Safety provides criminal conviction data files to businesses who resell access to the data.  In many cases, the businesses purchase similar data from a large number of states in order to provide search capability that covers as many jurisdictions as possible.  The benefits to the end user are dramatic.

One challenge facing the criminal records industry is in it’s ability to deal with records that have been expunged or sealed since the data was obtained by the reseller.  Most of the big players update the data as often as the record holders will allow and … Read More