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Environmental Records

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The state of the environment has become one of the most pressing issues of our time. According to many reports, ice caps are melting, climates are rising, and polar bears are dying. In addition to those pressing matters, there are also environmental issues that could risk your immediate health within your neighborhood, or even on your own property.

Environmental records searches can produce information that could help you determine the quality of the environment that surrounds you. You could use these records to keep you and your family safe. Environmental records searches can include information such as superfund sites, … Read More

What Is Superfund? Why Should You Care?

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Superfund is a reference to the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA). The law was created in eighties in response to an environmental disaster discovered in a working class Niagara Falls neighborhood called Love Canal. 21,000 tons of toxic waste was buried beneath the neighborhood that consisted of homes and school.

After the Love Canal incident, CERCLA was enacted by Congress to help protect people from exposure to toxic waste sites. Superfund grants authority to the federal government to clean up toxic substances that pose a risk to people’s health or to the environment. Typically, when there is … Read More