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Contra Costa County Settlements to be Public

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Recently, California’s Contra Costa County, Board of Supervisors, agreed to include in its meeting agendas a summary of all settlement agreements that are reached during closed sessions. Previously, the final settlements were only made public if someone made specific requests for the details.

In an article entitled “Settlements with County Now to be Public” in The Mercury News, dated February 11, 2011, by Lisa Vorderbrueggen, Contra Costa Times, this action is the result of an unpublicized settlement regarding alleged sexual assault charges made by a former County employee. The settlement was approved by the Board of Supervisors and never publicly … Read More

Pennsylvania Government Contracts Database Launched

This week brought the much anticipated launch of Pennsylvania’s government contract database. On February 14, 2008, Pennsylvania’s governor signed into a Right-to-Know-Law that effectively expanded the type of information available to the general public addressed access to this information. In a posting from February, I discussed this new law, and the promises the government made behind it. Well, the new online database is one product of this new law, which is a big step forward for the Pennsylvania government, showing they are trying to make good on their promises.

The database, also known as the Pennsylvania Contracts e-Library will be … Read More