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Avoid Trial through ADR

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Sometimes a court isn’t the best venue to solve a legal problem. In fact, many cases are resolved outside of court through various other means. Once way of resolving a legal issue is through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods. ADR has often been viewed as a preferable method to trial. When a case uses ADR, this frees up the docket from the ever burdened courts. Also, ADR can often be less costly than trial. There are a few methods that fall under the ADR system, however the three most common forms are negotiation, mediation, and arbitration.

During negotiation the parties … Read More

What You Should Know About Eviction

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Eviction is a legal action from a court that is used by a landlord to remove a tenant from a rented property.  Depending on the jurisdiction, eviction may also be called unlawful detainer, summary possession, summary dispossess, forcible detainer, ejectment, or repossession.  However, whether you are a landlord, or a tenant, it is important to understand how an eviction process actually works.  Despite what some may think, a landlord cannot legally evict their tenant without the use of the court procedure. If a landlord tries to remove a tenant from property without following the correct procedures, they could be the … Read More