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How do you find the right attorney for your legal issue, your area, and your budget?

Finding an attorney can be a daunting process! Do you rely on personal recommendations from friends or family members?  Select from the parade of lawyers advertising on late-night television? Search the internet for professional directories and performance reviews?

There are countless resources available to assist you with searching for legal representation. In this article, I’d like to recommend one simple starting point: consult your local state or county bar association. More than 300 lawyer referral programs are offered by area bar associations to direct legal consumers to appropriate counsel.

These programs were created to assist the public in selecting attorneys … Read More

How to Find the Right Lawyer

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When shopping for services, the best way to find a good provider is to ask friends and acquaintances for recommendations. “Say, Bob, do you know a good plumber?” works well for services that many people use. But what do you do when you need a service that many of your friends and acquaintances haven’t used? For example, a lawyer.

If no one you know can recommend a lawyer – or recommend one for your particular legal issue – you’ll need to find one on your own. Fortunately, there is an organization that can help you choose: your local bar association. … Read More