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Going to School to Stay Out of Jail

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Contrary to stereotypes of hard-nosed prosecutors and stern judges, not every District Attorney or criminal court judge is out to lock up every lawbreaker for the maximum term. In every state, there are programs designed to keep offenders out of jail and to steer them away from future offenses. We’re all familiar with probation, which substitutes supervision for jail time.

In recent years, other types of alternative approaches have been implemented. We’ve documented several of them: Mental Health Courts, Drug Courts, Juvenile Diversion, Veterans Courts, Adult Diversion, Family Dependency Treatment Court, and Traffic SchoolRead More

Detention Centers Posting Mug Shots and Names Online

Detention Centers across the county have embraced the value of making their public records available online.

Bigger County jails including Boone County, Kentucky and city jails like Denton City, Texas are routinely providing the names of who’s currently housed in their facilities.   Many of these jails are now taking it a step further by listing a person’s date of birth, their arrest date and time, amount of bail, physical description, home city and state but also a link to their mug shot.

We can only imagine the drastic reduction of public records requests that come into a facility along with … Read More