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Texas Jail Inmate Records

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One of the many public records links that we provide on our “Free Public Records Search Directory” is jail and inmate record links. Since many states, counties and cities provide online access to inmate records, we provide links to jails and detention centers throughout the United States 

Since there are many reasons for researching inmate records, our website can assist with your search and provide valuable information whether you are a spouse, relative, witness or victim.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice offers an offender information search by name and also a variety of reports regarding … Read More

Arizona Inmate Records

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If you need to research information about current or former inmates in Arizona, you can access those records using our “Arizona Jail and Inmate Records Directory” website.  Whether you are searching for someone from your past, a missing relative or confirming the status of an inmate, this site can assist you with your search.

The State of Arizona maintains a database containing over 112,000 inmate records relating to those who have been in the custody of the Department of Corrections in 1985 or at any time thereafter.  There are approximately 26,000 active records.  The records can be searched … Read More

Check Out Our Website for Your Research Needs

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Have you ever used our “Free Public Records Search Directory” website for a public record search? If not, you’ll probably be surprised by the variety of public records available to you. However, the site is not limited to just public records but also provides links and contact information for a number of other useful subjects such as “department directories,” “GIS maps,” “government jobs,” “restaurant inspections,” “traffic cameras,” and more.

Not only can you find links to search “Assessor property tax records” and “recorded document land Read More

New Enhancements Added to Kentucky Offender Online Lookup System

In a press release issued on July 1, 2013, the Kentucky Department of Corrections announced the launching of a new and improved version of the Kentucky Offender Online Lookup system, known as KOOL. These improvements are the result of criminal justice reform legislation (House Bill 463) that the Kentucky General Assembly approved in 2011.

The old website provided basic information such as the names of inmates, conviction information, sentence lengths, photos, and parole eligibility dates. The new and enhanced version provides a lot more detail and includes information on the expected time to serve, “good-time” release date, maximum expiration … Read More

Locate Inmate Records Online

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Searching for inmate records used to be difficult and time consuming, but thanks to the advancement of Internet technology, it is now much quicker and easier. Most state prisons and many county jails provide an active inmate database to the public where you can search for inmates by name. You can obtain information such as offender name, incarceration date, offense, current location, projected release date, and sometimes even a mugshot. The information available is generally for current inmates only, but in some areas, past inmate records may also be available.

For example, in Stearns County, Minnesota, you can find past Read More

Learn About Your Ancestors Through Public Records

Where did you get those long legs, that big nose, or that insatiable desire to conquer the world? Often the key to finding those answers lies with our ancestors. As the old saying suggests – you need to know where you came from to know where you ‘re going €œ knowing our roots can help us understand ourselves and even prepare for the future.

One of the best ways to find information about your ancestors is through genealogy research. Genealogy research is way to learn about your ancestors and the history of your family by researching certain types of records. … Read More