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Alabama’s Property Searches and GIS Maps

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Do you live in Alabama and wonder if the value of your property has recently gone up or how much your property taxes will be this year? Would you like to see your property or another property through interactive GIS maps? Since you live in Alabama, you’re in luck because all of the counties provide online property information.  The extent of the information varies by county but generally includes: “Property Appraisal Information;” “Property Tax Information;” and “Interactive GIS Maps.”  All three types of information can be searched by owner name, address, parcel number and PPIN.

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Check Out Our Website for Your Research Needs

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Have you ever used our “Free Public Records Search Directory” website for a public record search? If not, you’ll probably be surprised by the variety of public records available to you. However, the site is not limited to just public records but also provides links and contact information for a number of other useful subjects such as “department directories,” “GIS maps,” “government jobs,” “restaurant inspections,” “traffic cameras,” and more.

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Augusta Releases New and Improved Property Map

The City of Augusta, Georgia’s Geographic Information System Department has recently made some wonderful new updates to its online property mapping application. The updated map has been designed to make searching for property records and other features as simple as possible. Additionally, the site provides users access to several new features. One of the site’s new features include a community tool to access neighborhood-level information such flood zones, parks, hospitals, schools, solid waste pickup days, and voter information. The map also features aerial photos, parcel street maps views, and property sales records dating back as far as 2003.

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Massachusetts Releases New Coastal Mapping Tool

The Massachusetts Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) has released a new coastal mapping tool that provides detailed geographic data for ocean planning, coastal development, tourism, public safety, transportation planning, and marine environmental protection. Development of this new mapping system was made possible through a partnership between the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management (CZM), the Massachusetts Office of Geographic Information (MassGIS), SeaPlan (formerly Massachusetts Ocean Partnership), and Applied Science Associates (ASA). These organizations have worked with EEA on this project to advance ocean planning and management in Massachusetts state waters.

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How to Find Property Records Online

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Are you looking for information about a particular piece of property? In the past, the only way to access property records was by making a trip down to the county courthouse and manually searching through their paper files. But now, thanks to the advancements of internet technology, it is easier than ever to access property information from the comfort of your own home or office. Researching property records can uncover a wealth of valuable information, such as property details, sales history, current value, property taxes, ownership history, mortgage records, parcel maps, and more. Knowing this information can be very helpful … Read More

Interactive Maps for Everyone

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If you are looking online for a map either for a city, county or state, there is a good chance that there will be an interactive GIS (Geographic Information System) map that will meet your needs.  GIS maps are interactive maps that combine geographic information with a variety of data such as assessed values, neighborhood information, political boundaries, crime statistics, utilities, natural features, topography, police and fire services including many more categories. 

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Using GIS Maps for Public Records Searches

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What can you learn from a GIS map? GIS stands for Geographic Information Systems, and these maps can be an excellent way to search for certain types of public records. The GIS is a way of capturing, storing, and displaying data. Users can perform searches based on certain criteria and interact with the GIS maps. These maps are usually composed of layers of data, one often includes information from an assessment office.

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