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Warrants and Most Wanted Persons

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One of the many types of information provided by law enforcement agencies throughout the country are online links for “most wanted persons” and “warrants.”

Using our main “Warrant Records Resources” page, you can access a large number of national warrant links such as Drug Enforcement Administration’s “fugitives” website searchable by field office locations; the FBI Most Wanted “terrorists and fugitives” website; and Environmental Protection Agency’s “fugitives wanted for environmental crimes,” These are just some of the national warrant links that our website provides.

Our website also provides links to state and local … Read More

Searchable Online Access to FBI Records

If you’re interested in researching current or historic FBI activities or investigations, the FBI has recently created an online resource of documents regarding its various investigations conducted through the years. The online site is referred to as “The Vault.” The FBI’s new site contains previously unreleased files, files that were previously available but not scanned, and files that were previously available on other sites. These files span the history of the FBI.

If you’re a history buff, this site will keep you interested with its many different categories such as anti-war, civil rights, foreign counterintelligence, the gangster era, … Read More

New Presidency Could Mean More Transparency for Public Records

Now that all the glitter and excitement from the inauguration ceremony and balls has passed, it is time for our new President to get to work. In our trying times of war, global warming, and a bad economy, there is a lot of work to be done. Thus, it is interesting to watch what actions the new President will make first. President Obama has made it clear during his campaign that a transparency in government is an important issue to him. Well, in a move that made many public records advocates excited, one of President Obama’s first signings this week … Read More

California Groups Seek to Expand Access to Legislative Records

Californians, do you want to know the voting patterns of your elected officials? Would you like to see whether campaign contributions affected their vote? In this time of economic crisis, global warming, and the wars on terror, it is very important to know where legislators stand on various issues. With a closer look, you may find that what your politician promised is not exactly what he/she did. Or, you could be pleasantly surprised by the voting decisions. Either way, as voting, taxing paying citizens, we all have a right got know how the men and women we elected decide to … Read More

Military Records

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Military records can be useful for veterans, future employers, and can even be helpful resources for genealogy searches. One of the most important military records is called the DD214. This record is one that is officially recognized as proof of military service. The DD214 is the official discharge document for the US Navy, Army, Air Force, Marine Corp, and Coast Guard.

Military personnel records are not available for view online, as a federal law requires that these record requests be made in writing. Although the actual record is not available to view online, there is a downloadable form that you … Read More