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Help Bring EPA Fugitives to Justice

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Protecting the environment is no longer merely about words, ideas, and philosophies. Many people now have begun taking decisive action to do their part in protecting the environment. Fears of global warning have recently pushed the green movement in the forefront of many. However, not only are individuals taking changing habits and making big efforts, the government also works to keep our environment safe.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the federal agency assigned with the responsibility of many areas dealing with the environmental. The EPA provides many different resources for citizens to stay informed about environmental studies, records, and … Read More

Keep Tabs On Government Spending Through Public Records

It has been reported that every year, the federal government spends approximately $400 billion in grants and $300 billion in contracts to state and local governments as well to corporations. This money comes from funds collected from us, the taxpayers. Do you ever wonder whether your government is using your tax dollars wisely? Perhaps you are just curious about exactly who the recipients are of all those billions of dollars. By utilizing your access to public records, there are ways of finding out who is and who isn’t receiving federal funding

In 2006, a law passed, called the Federal Funding … Read More

New Federal Register Site Provides Online Access To Documents!

With the housing crisis, banking crisis, unemployment crisis, and all the other general crisis that our country is facing, the government is constantly in a scramble to create new legislation to deal with the current mess. There is so much paper work, proposals, and legislation, that most of us everyday people don’t have a clue about half of what is going on. With the Freedom of Information Act, as citizens, we are granted the authority to make document requests of public documents. However, making such requests can often be time consuming, and even costly. Furthermore, if you don’t have the … Read More

Military Records

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Military records can be useful for veterans, future employers, and can even be helpful resources for genealogy searches. One of the most important military records is called the DD214. This record is one that is officially recognized as proof of military service. The DD214 is the official discharge document for the US Navy, Army, Air Force, Marine Corp, and Coast Guard.

Military personnel records are not available for view online, as a federal law requires that these record requests be made in writing. Although the actual record is not available to view online, there is a downloadable form that you … Read More