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Check Out Our Website for Your Research Needs

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Have you ever used our “Free Public Records Search Directory” website for a public record search? If not, you’ll probably be surprised by the variety of public records available to you. However, the site is not limited to just public records but also provides links and contact information for a number of other useful subjects such as “department directories,” “GIS maps,” “government jobs,” “restaurant inspections,” “traffic cameras,” and more.

Not only can you find links to search “Assessor property tax records” and “recorded document land Read More

Get the Scoop on Contractors Before You Hire Them

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Planning on a remodel, or looking for a good electrician? Getting any type of construction work performed on your home can be inconvenient, time consuming, and costly. The idea of someone coming in and tearing down walls and busting pipes can be slightly nerve racking. Or perhaps you need someone to build your future home, or business space. These can all be very personal and expensive products that you want to make sure are being handled by the right people. Although you can look at advertising or receive recommendations, sometimes doing a little research on your own will make you … Read More

Identifying Business Structures

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Knowing what type of business a person is or was involved can provide valuable information. Business records can produce information on business contacts, business locations, start date, end date, and much more. One interesting piece of information available to uncover through business records is the actual business type. The type of business a company is operating as can tell you a lot about how the business is taxed, how many people could be involved, and liability responsibility.

The most common types of business structures include Sole Proprietorship, Limited Liability Company, Partnership, and Corporation.

Sole Proprietorship: In a sole proprietorship there … Read More

Learn About Your Ancestors Through Public Records

Where did you get those long legs, that big nose, or that insatiable desire to conquer the world? Often the key to finding those answers lies with our ancestors. As the old saying suggests – you need to know where you came from to know where you ‘re going €œ knowing our roots can help us understand ourselves and even prepare for the future.

One of the best ways to find information about your ancestors is through genealogy research. Genealogy research is way to learn about your ancestors and the history of your family by researching certain types of records. … Read More