Searching for a Physician?

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Do you need to find a physician that specializes in a certain field? Are you new to an area and want to find a doctor within a certain distance from home? Has your doctor ever been cited for disciplinary actions or do you wish to file a complaint? These are all questions that can be answered using the links on our “Professional License Records Resources” website.

Most states provide a search of physician licenses; although the type of information and the amount provided varies by state. Some of the states providing physician searches are: “California Medical Board“; “Iowa Board of Medicine“; “Kansas Board of Healing Arts“; “Maryland Board of Physicians“; “Virginia Department of Health Professions“, and many others. The following is a example of some of the available information.

The State of Alabama’s “Licensee Search” provides quite an extensive amount of information regarding each physician such as name, license number, license issue date, license expiration date, medical school attendance dates, specialty, location, and disciplinary actions including a link to the actual disciplinary document. Alaska’s “Licensee Search” includes name, address, medical school information, and any accusations filed against the physician. On the Arizona “Medical Board” website you can search physicians by name, number or specialty including the option to file a complaint online.

The website “floridashealth” provides a search by all medical professions and all counties or you can select a specific profession or county. The State of Illinois “Physician Profile Search” provides a profile that includes all disciplinary and legal actions within the last five years. The Massachusetts’ “Board of Registration in Medicine” also provides a profile which includes hospital affiliations, professional awards, and any malpractice claims, hospital discipline or criminal convictions in the past ten years. Tennessee’s “Department of Health” provides a link to three areas of interest: Licensure Verification; Abuse Registry; and Monthly Disciplinary Actions.

Depending on your reason for researching a physician, you should find the information that you are seeking using the many available physician search links. Our “Free Public Records Search Directory” provides links to other types of professional licenses, business licenses, contractor licenses, and other typical public records such as land records, government jobs, permits, and vital records.

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