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Today, April 25, 2014, I heard an advertisement on the radio for the State of Washington’s “Claim Your Cash” website. The radio advertisement encourages people to check the State’s unclaimed property website for money that is being held by the State. Generally, unclaimed property is money that is forwarded to the State by organizations that held funds which had not been claimed by the rightful owner within a three year period. Unclaimed property consists of bank accounts, insurance proceeds, utility deposits and uncashed checks.

In Washington State, the funds are held by the State until claimed by the rightful owner. There is no time limit to file a claim with the State. Washington’s “Claim Your Cash” website is easy to use and can be searched by name. The results provide the name of the party, last known address, name of organization, description of property, and approximate range of value. If you find funds that you believe belong to you, you can submit a claim online or by mail.

Each state has its own procedures for processing unclaimed property including notices by mail, an annual list published in the newspaper and even through radio advertisements.

If you want to search for unclaimed property, you can use our “Unclaimed and Abandoned Property Resources” website, where you can access unclaimed property websites for all 50 states including a national “unclaimed property” website. Some examples of state websites include Alabama’s “money quest” website, and Florida’s “treasure hunt” website where you can search for unclaimed property, check on the status of a claim, or respond to a notice from the State. If you want to search Indiana’s “unclaimed property,” you can check its website online or by using a mobile app. Louisiana’s “unclaimed property” website can be searched by name and by parish, and North Carolina’s “unclaimed property” website provides a statewide list that can be searched by county.

In addition to the state links, there is also a link for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) which has “unclaimed funds” from failed banks and savings and loan associations that can be searched by your name and the name of the failed institution.

If finding unclaimed funds seems like a long shot, you would probably be shocked to know that states receive millions of dollars of unclaimed funds each year. For example, Missouri is holding almost $810 million in unclaimed funds, and according to Utah’s website, $14,000,000 was returned by Utah to rightful owners between July 2011 and June 2012. Lastly, the State of Washington has returned over 1 billion dollars in unclaimed funds since 1955.

It could definitely be worth your time to go online and search for money for yourself, a family member or deceased relative. Good luck with your search!

If you are interested in searching other types of public records, you can use our “Free Public Records Search Directory” website which includes land records, birth records, death records, laws, and more.