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Recently the news has been full of stories about the academic performance of the education system. The quality of a school’s performance plays an important part in the quality of a student’s education. Fortunately, one of the many public records provided by states are school performance records available through their Department of Education websites.

If you are curious about the performance of the schools in your area or if you have children that will be entering elementary or secondary school sometime soon, you will probably find the information that you need for your specific state. Using our “Free Public Records Search Directory” you can search for existing education links by state.

The State of Alabama provides an extensive “Accountability Reporting System“which can be searched by grade, subject, school or gender. The Massachusetts “Department of Elementary and Secondary Education” compiles data about schools which can be searched by type of school, type of educator by name or by county. The Missouri’s “Comprehensive Data System” website allows a search by school or district providing test results by year.

You can compare Nevada’s annual “Accountability Reports” by district name and year through its Department of Education. Pennsylvania’s “Education Department” compiles information about its schools, student scores, graduation rates, and more which can be searched by school districts and counties.

Washington State’s “Report Card” website provides test results by year, grade, and subject which can also be sorted by school district. The Georgia “Department of Education” website provides a report card for all schools with a comparison by grade, gender and race.

On a national level, you can use the “National Center for Education Statistics” to access school districts across the country. Comparisons can be made for a single school district over many years or two school districts for the same year. The website includes GIS maps with an overlay of census information which can be sorted by state and school district.

The other aspect of the education system that you may want to research is whether the teachers in your school district are Board Certified. You can read more about this subject in our February article regarding “Teachers National Board Certification.” Using the “Board Certified Teachers” website and the many available sources regarding school performance reports you should be able to make an informed decision about the school that will be right for your student.

Our “Free Public Records Search Directory” provides other public records including searches of professional licenses, laws, maps, and more.

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  1. Jeff

    losing faith in school systems seem more and more, the state of education is just used as a political stance hoping to win votes, not much is ever done to improve what needs to be improved just a bunch of talk and scare tactics around election time


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