Researching your Ancestors?

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Are you researching your ancestors?  Do you need to find historic birth, death or marriage certificates?  There are many sites available to search such records.  However, do you only have general information such as the State rather than the specific County?  Or approximate date rather than the exact birth date, date of death or wedding date?

Many states offer online searches of vital records statewide rather than by individual counties saving you hours of time spent searching individual counties one-by-one.   You can access available links to all of the states by using “Vital Statistics Records Resources.”  Each State page lists the available State search links and available County search links.

The State of Arizona “Genealogy Birth & Death Certificates” offers a statewide search by name, date range and county, if known for birth dates from 1855 through 1935 and death dates from 1844 through 1960.  Illinois offers an online search of “Illinois Death Certificates” by name either statewide or by county for records between 1916 and 1950.  In Kentucky, you can purchase historic birth and death records on “Vital Statistics Microfilm” covering records as far back as 1852.  “Louisiana Death Records” offers a search by name and/or parish for deaths that occurred over 50 years ago.  Maryland’s “Death Records” are sorted by time periods.  You can also view a “Checklist of Indices” for other available Maryland historic records.

For vital records in Massachusetts between the years 1841 and 1910, you can search “Massachusetts Archives” by name after reviewing helpful tips for conducting your search.  You can also search “Missouri Birth & Death Records” pre-1910, and 1910 through 1960, online by specific county or all counties at once.

Marriage record searches are also offered by some States statewide rather than by individual County.  One such site is “Western States Marriages” where you can search 12 Western States individually or as a group.

The above sites are just a sampling of the various State vital records that are available to search.   All of these searches can be performed online so there is no delay in getting the information that you need.  In most cases, there would be no charge other than obtaining a copy, if desired.

With these resources, you’ll be one step closer to finding the historical vital records that you want.

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