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Soon all of the primary elections around the country will be over and the number of candidates will have been narrowed. If it is important to you to know how a candidate spends their political contributions or where their contributions come from, you can use our website to research the campaign finance reports of your favorite candidates.

Campaign finance reports must be filed by all candidates and are available at the national, state, county and city level. The reports can be searched by type of office, name of candidate or committee name and even by the name of the contributor.

Follow these steps to conduct your search:
1) On our “Free Public Records Search Directory” main page, click on “Voter and Elections Information” under “Search Public Records by Type of Record.” On this new page “Voter Records and Elections Information Resources” you’ll find links to national and general voter records and election information including links to access each state election information.

2) As an example, scroll down to the Federal Election Commission’s “Campaign Finance Reports” at the bottom of the “Voter Records” page.  On the page that opens, “Click here” to open in a new window.  On this page, you can search the “disclosure database” by candidate, committee or contributions made by individuals.  When you have completed your search of the Federal Election Commission website, you can close the tab using your browser.  On this page, click on “Return to Results” on the upper right hand side of the page.  This returns you to the main “Voter Records and Elections Information” page.

3) You can now choose a state and conduct similar searches by state, county or city.  Click on California to find the “California Voter and Election Information Directory” page.  On this page,  scroll down to one of the county campaign finance report links or choose “Campaign Finance Reports” for California’s state level candidates.   This Campaign Finance page contains a “Power Search” link which provides quick access to summaries and various sorting options for candidaates, ballot measures and contributors.

4) Once done, click on “Return to Results” and then “Home” or “Free Searches” in the upper left hand corner of the page to return to the “Free Public Records Search Directory” main page.  The main page of our site provides links to a variety of public records for all 50 states.  Using the steps in this article as a guide, you should be able to conduct searches of other public records in a timely and efficient manner.

We hope that you’ll take some time to explore our website and the many research options available.  Also, that you’ll check out the campaign finance reports for your favorite candidates including some of the other available voter and election information links.

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