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Dealing with difficult and/or messy neighbors can really put a hamper on your home enjoyment experience. Also, in this unstable economy, if you are trying to sell property, you don’t necessarily want to be affected by any factors that could detract from the value of a home. Homebuyers and renters often look at an entire neighborhood to establish whether it is a location they want to call home. Government agencies and county officials often work hard to keep communities free of litter and trash. In one particular county in the U.S., they have created a very interactive solution to the pesky nuisance issue: Augusta County, Georgia.

In Augusta County, Georgia, the Marshal’s office has established a database whereby concerned citizens can both report and view nuisances matters. This can include litter, garbage pile-ups, parked cars, and illegal dumping. If you want to view nuisance cases a search can be performed using address, case number, or keyword. The search results will show the type of citation issued by the Marshal’s office as well as the time and date for the court hearing. If you perform a keyword search, for example, using the word litter, the database will provide a list of cases involving litter. You can then go through and easily examine each case just by clicking on the case number. The system is very user friendly and it is a great way to check up on a certain neighborhood, or even a specific person. The system also allows users to report nuisances. Through an online form, you can give a detailed description of the nuisance, the time of the nuisance, and the location.

Although there are not many sites where you can view specific nuisance complaints, there are many counties other than Augusta that allow individuals to file complaints online. Some examples include Broward County, Florida; Hamilton County, Ohio; and Canton, Illinois. Generally, these types of online systems allow users to create complaints about nuisances in residential areas, but also in commercial spaces. Other places where nuisance complaints could be filed include hospitals, restaurants, retirement homes, and other businesses.

While public records laws vary by state, nuisance records tend to be public records. So, if you are unable to locate online records, you may be able to acquire some information by contacting the Department of Health or any other agency assigned with the task of health and/or safety in your county or state. The Free Public Records Directory can help point you in the right direction. This site provides a database of links to online records, agency websites, and contact information by county and state, as well as federal agencies.

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