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Online payments for traffic and other minor offenses are being adopted by more and more courts and government entities. We’ve previously reviewed online payment systems for traffic citations and other court fines in general and in North Carolina, and for parking tickets.

Red light camera tickets may also be paid online in some jurisdictions. Where red light cameras are used, the evidence that a driver ran a red light is a photograph or video. No police testimony is required, so most online red light camera ticket payment systems allow the driver to view the evidence before paying the fine.

Have you received a ticket in the mail that says you ran a red light and must pay a fine, or else set a court date and plead not guilty? Think you didn’t do it? Now you can see the evidence for yourself – and don’t get your hopes up, because those tickets don’t get sent out if the evidence isn’t clear.

Let’s take a look at some jurisdictions’ implementation. In Georgia’s Clayton County, the City of Morrow has a red light ticket system that displays the photographic evidence when you to enter your citation number and license plate number. In Cobb County, the City of Marietta has a similar system that requires entry of your violation number along with a password supplied along with the mailed violation; Marietta’s system even allows viewing of video evidence. Fulton County has a countywide system, and the City of Roswell has its own system for local violations.

Delaware has a statewide system for payment to the Department of Transportation.

In Louisiana’s Lafayette Parish, the City of Lafayette offers a system that provides both photo and video evidence when you enter your citation number, license plate number, and a city code provided by the city’s payment website.

Red light camera online fine payments, like their non-photographic counterparts, may be handled by a local government system or by a private company that may operate in several jurisdictions. A service or processing fee may be required. And if you don’t think the photo proves you ran that light, you always have the option to plead not guilty and let the judge decide.

Check CourtReference to see if your court or police department offers online red light camera citation viewing and payment.

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