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Do you need a copy of the deed to your home, a copy of your mortgage papers, or another type of recorded document but don’t know where to look? There is an office that handles recorded land records in every county, city or town, depending on the state.  In some states, it is the Recorder’s Office, in some states it is the Clerk’s Office, and in some states it is the Register of Deeds Office.

Many counties, towns and cities offer online access to recorded documents, others offer online access to the index of records with image copies available for a fee, and other municipalities offer documents through a paid subscription.  Using our “Land Records and Deeds Resources” page, you can access the County recording office for your state.  In all cases, we provide contact information for all of the recording offices and provide any available links for online searches.

Accessing Land Records.  The following information will guide you through the steps to easily conduct a recorded document search.

1.  Main Page.  On our “Free Public Records Search Directory” main page, click on “Land Records and Deeds” link under the heading “Search Public Records by Type of Record.”

2.  Choose State.  On the “Land Records and Deeds Resources” main page, choose your particular state.  As an example, click on the California link to navigate to “California Land Records and Deeds Directory” main page.

3.  Search by County.  On the “California Land Records and Deeds Directory” main page or the page for your particular state, you can scroll down to your specific county.  If your county offers online access, click on the “Recorded Document Search” link.  For this example, click on the Fresno County “Recorded Document Search” link.

On this page, choose the “Search Recorded Documents” link which provides searches by:

  • Last Name or Business Name
  • First and Middle Name
  • Start Date and End Date
  • Document Number and Record Year
  • Type of Document

The information provided includes:

  • Year Recorded
  • Document Recording Number
  • Record Date
  • Document Type
  • Number of Pages
  • Name of Grantor and Name of Grantee

4.  Return to Main Land Records Page.  When you are done with your research, click on the back button until you arrive at the “California Land Records and Deeds Directory” main page.  You can search additional County records or return to the main “Land Records and Deeds Resources” page by using the back button on your browser, in order to search other state land records.

5.  Return to Main Free Public Records Page.  When you are through conducting your land records research, choose “Home” or “Free Searches” in the upper left corner of the page, in order to access our “Free Public Records Research Directory” page.

On our main “Free Public Records Research Directory” page, you can access links for a variety of public records.  In addition to public record links, we also provide how to resources such as how to obtain a marriage license, how to apply for a business license or contractor’s license, how to apply for a government job, and much more.  Please watch for future articles which will provide useful tips for accessing our comprehensive list of resources.



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