Paying North Carolina Traffic Tickets Online

Here’s some welcome news for those needing to pay North Carolina traffic tickets.  The North Carolina Administrator of the Courts has now implemented a system where traffic tickets and other court fines may be paid online. The North Carolina court system uses a vendor to handle these payments and the vendor charges an additional fee for processing these electronic payments.

The system not only provides the convenience to citizens of being able to pay their tickets online and not hassle with either mailing their bills or, much worse, going to the courthouse to pay,  but there are also other benefits as well.  There should be a quicker disposition of caes due to automatic updates and the system should also help decrease the numbers of people at the courthouse.

To pay online, one must have the citation number. The citation number may be found either on the ticket itself, or by using the search feature on the court site to find the citation number.

It is encouraging to see more electronic access from North Carolina. Now that citations may be paid online, one can hope that court records may soon be available online as well. To see what other  North Carolina court resources exist, please visit CourtReference’s North Carolina court guide.

2 thoughts on “Paying North Carolina Traffic Tickets Online

  1. Curtis Sluder

    The online pay system is almost always a BAD idea. Insurance companies raise rates for almost any minor violation, and most counties in NC have diversion programs whereby good drivers with minor violations may be able to get their tickets modified in such a way as to prevent insurance companies from raising rates. There are also things that can be done in court to help the good driver that cannot be taken advantage of when the ticket is paid online. The least serious insurance increase will still raise rates by 25% for three years. For most drivers, this “convenient” system means insurance companies will collect an extra $1000 from each motorist, or more.

  2. Johnny depew

    The system is a complete rip-off. It costs$36 to have your fine curriored across the street. Undoubtedly some politician owns the service. It’s a perfect example of how crooked bureaucrats and politicians use their positions to enrich themselves at the expense of the citizens they’re appointed to serve. In an age where all businesses can accept payments on line or by phone you must ask yourself why these hicks would use a 19th century form of delivery. What’s next, pony express?


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