Court Administration

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Every state court system has an administrative branch that manages the court system’s internal operations. It is most often named the Administrative Office of the Courts (as in Washington), but may also be called the Office of Judicial Administration (as in Kansas), Office of the State Court Administrator (as in Colorado , the Chief Court Administrator (as in Connecticut), the Division of State Court Administration (as in Indiana), the Director of State Courts (as in Wisconsin), and even the Office of the Executive Secretary (as in Virginia).

These administrative offices are usually under the … Read More

Recorded Document Search

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Do you need a copy of the deed to your home, a copy of your mortgage papers, or another type of recorded document but don’t know where to look? There is an office that handles recorded land records in every county, city or town, depending on the state.  In some states, it is the Recorder’s Office, in some states it is the Clerk’s Office, and in some states it is the Register of Deeds Office.

Many counties, towns and cities offer online access to recorded documents, others offer online access to the index of records with image copies available for … Read More

Assessment Records Research – New Jersey

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If you live in New Jersey and would like to research the assessment records of a property anywhere in the state, the following information will be helpful. Assessment records can be used to determine the owner of a property, the assessed value of a property, the size of a property, or the sales history including ownership document numbers.

Our “Free Public Records Search Directory” provides links to assessment records for all 50 states. Each state has a system for establishing assessment records and is generally available online by county and/or city. If online information is not available, contact … Read More

Complaints About Judges

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We talk about lawyers a lot on this blog, including how to complain about your lawyer. What if you have a beef with the judge? That may seem like a stretch; sure, you can complain about the lawyer you hired, but you didn’t hire the judge. Even so, if a judge takes an action that could be considered to be unethical, misconduct, or evidence of mental or physical incapacity, there are ways to complain.

The American Bar Association (“ABA”) has adopted a Model Code of Judicial Conduct that establishes general rules for judges to follow. In a nutshell, … Read More

Case Records Get More Mobile

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Just a few years ago, some courts started making court records and calendars available via mobile apps; we talked about it here. Those services required an iOS, Android, or BlackBerry app to be downloaded to your mobile device.

Since we last covered this topic, more court systems have offered mobile app access to their case records, calendars, and other information. Examples abound:

In Illinois, the Cook County Clerk of Circuit Court offers downloadable iOS and Android apps that include case record searches, traffic ticket searches, court location information and mapping, a fee schedule, and contact information.

In Ohio, the … Read More

Texas Jail Inmate Records

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One of the many public records links that we provide on our “Free Public Records Search Directory” is jail and inmate record links. Since many states, counties and cities provide online access to inmate records, we provide links to jails and detention centers throughout the United States 

Since there are many reasons for researching inmate records, our website can assist with your search and provide valuable information whether you are a spouse, relative, witness or victim.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice offers an offender information search by name and also a variety of reports regarding … Read More

Virginia Assessor Records

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If you are interested in researching the assessed value of a property in Virginia, this article will provide the necessary steps to conduct your search.

Available information. There are many reasons for researching property values, depending on the Virginia county or city, assessor records generally provide the following information:

• Owner Name and Taxpayer Name (if different).
• Address and Zoning
• Physical Description of Improvements
• Sales History and Ownership Document Numbers
• Legal Description and GIS Maps
• Assessed Value of Improvements and Land

How to get started. On our “Free Public Records Search DirectoryRead More

More Online Court Options

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Just a little over two years ago, we reported on a new trend in some courts: allowing people to fight their traffic tickets by mail. That was a departure from the traditional choices of paying your ticket, or having to go to court in person to fight it. Yet only two months later, we reported on a newer trend in some courts: allowing people go fight their parking tickets online. Tellingly, we closed that post with the observation that “[a]s with any innovation that makes life easier, more are sure to follow. ”

In the last two years, … Read More

A New Type of Court Record

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CourtReference loves court records. Each of our state guides has links to many different kinds of court-related resources, but the most popular are the links to online court records. If your court doesn’t have records online – or if you need to see the original hardcopy – each CourtReference state guide provides contact information for every trial court in the state, so you can locate the court and arrange to see the records.

We like to talk about court records on this blog too; we’ve covered the things you need to know about court records here, the many new … Read More

Arizona Inmate Records

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If you need to research information about current or former inmates in Arizona, you can access those records using our “Arizona Jail and Inmate Records Directory” website.  Whether you are searching for someone from your past, a missing relative or confirming the status of an inmate, this site can assist you with your search.

The State of Arizona maintains a database containing over 112,000 inmate records relating to those who have been in the custody of the Department of Corrections in 1985 or at any time thereafter.  There are approximately 26,000 active records.  The records can be searched … Read More