Online Traffic Information and Reports

Would you like to avoid the frustration of sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic? Wouldn’t you like to know traffic conditions before you hit the road? You can avoid traffic delays and find the fastest route to your destination with the help of online tools, such as traffic cameras, construction zone alerts, congestion updates, and traffic incident reports.

The Colorado DOT website provides live traffic cameras and online travel alerts, such as road work alerts, road closures, restrictions, and seasonal closures. There, you can also find a live traffic speeds and travel times map, as well as a map of the latest road conditions and weather.

Access to live streaming traffic cameras and real-time traffic information is available from the NYC Department of Transportation’s Advanced Traveler Information System. This site provides frequently updated still images from locations in all five boroughs. By clicking on one of the icons, you can see real-time the traffic conditions at that location.

If you are traveling in the Washington DC area, you view live traffic cameras provided by the District Department of Transportation. Simply click on a green dot from the traffic location map to load a camera for that area. Then click on a camera location to display a real-time, live feed of DC streets and intersections. You can also select a street intersection to load a traffic camera for that intersection.

The El Dorado County CA Department of Transportation provides traffic count reports for approximately 75 roads in the county. Annual reports includes hourly traffic counts for various locations on collector roads and arterials, as well as annual and five-year traffic count summaries. The hourly traffic count report sheets provide count information with totals for each hour, as well as daily volume totals, weekday volume totals, and weekly volume totals. This report also indicates the peak a.m. hour and volume, and peak p.m. hour and volume.

Instead of having to go and stand in line, you can also find crash reports online. You can search the Missouri State Highway Patrol traffic crash reports database, or you can browse all reports from the past 29 days. Official crash reports can be purchased for a small fee. Some Police Department’s even allow you to submit your accident report online, such as the Nampa Police Department in Idaho. Upon submission, the completed form will be sent to the appropriate authorities and a copy will be made available for you to print or save for your records.

Whether you are looking to access or file an accident report, planning a summer getaway, or simply heading home from work, these online tools and reports can be a wonderful time saver. A great place to access these resources is at The Free Public Records Directory, Traffic Cameras and Reports category page. Traffic information and reports can be searched for by state, county, and municipality. Additionally, you can find a number of national databases, such as aviation accidents, vehicle defect complaints, and vehicle recall information. Before you head out the door, make sure to check out these online traffic resources. Avoiding traffic jams has never been easier.

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