Online Access to New Hampshire Court Records

Online access to court records, including case information, dockets, calendars, and opinions continues to expand across the nation. New Hampshire, however, remains behind the times in providing case information online. While the state has a new case management system called Odyssey, there are only two access sites for this information – the Grafton County Probate Court and the Hillsborough County Probate Court.  Furthermore, the information available is limited – one may search for individual or business names and discover that a case exists, but little other information will be found.

A New Hampshire Supreme Court Task Force on Public Access to Court Records issued a report in 2006 recommending that the state courts move towards providing some limited access to court records.  While the task force agreed in principle that computerized case access would assist the courts themselves as well as the public,  the majority believed it prudent to move slowly towards providing electronic access.  The minority opinion held that court documents are public and the public should not have its access limited by the courts.

Given the progress made to date, it appears that New Hampshire, unfortunately, is a long way from joining the electronic age of court access.  To view available New Hampshire information, as well as other states’ court records and contact information, visit the Court Reference Directory.

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