Online Access to Maryland Probate Records

Maryland recently instituted a new, free statewide or county specific search of the Maryland Register of Wills records.  This database, covering records dating back to 1998, may be searched by name, estate type, estate status, county , estate number or filing date.   The party name may be the decedent,  guardian, minor, interested party, or personal representative.   Estate status means whether the case is open or closed and the type of estate may refer to guardianship, small matter, foreign proceeding or non-probate. A default setting is to search all types of estates.

This search is separate from the Maryland District and Circuit court case search which the state has had available online for quite a while. This search covers criminal, civil, traffic and civil citation cases.  Other Maryland court resources, including dockets, calendars, opinions, forms and online payment options are available at CourtReference’s Maryland court resource guide.

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