Need Building Permit Information?

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If you’re thinking of building a garage, an addition to your home or even building a new home, you can probably get the building permit information that you need online. By using Free Public Records Directory – Permits and Inspections, you can determine if your jurisdiction has an online link.

On each State page, there are links to the counties and cities that have online information. In addition to general information about obtaining the permit, many counties and cities offer online applications including permit status searches and online inspection requests. For instance, the City of Las Vegas has a full range of online building permit links which you can view under Nevada – Permits and Inspections, Clark County.

Many of the counties in Maryland offer building permit searches. In Anne Arundel County, you can apply for a permit, check the status of a permit application, search for all permits issued on a specific property or all permits issued on a specific street. Another state which offers a number of permit search links is the State of Washington, especially King County and Pierce County.

With the number of counties and cities offering online building permit information including permit applications and inspection requests, it is no longer necessary to stand in line at the City or County Courthouse for permit information in order to get started on that new addition, garage or house.

If there are other issues related to your home or business that you’d like to research, Free Public Records Directory offers links to public records such as property tax records, recorded land records, development codes, business and contractor licenses, and environmental issues including many others types of records which can all be viewed by state, county or city.

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