Mortgage Foreclosure: What happens and is there help?

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Are you facing a home mortgage foreclosure and wonder if there is help for you? Are you a tenant of a mortgage foreclosure and wonder if you have any rights? Or do you want to purchase a home that’s been foreclosed but don’t know where to look? These are all good questions that can be answered by accessing various state and governmental agency websites. There are many educational and helpful websites available if you know where to look. Below are a few agency links to get you started. Even if you live in another state, many of the links provide good general information about the foreclosure process and prevention tips.

The State of Arizona’s “Arizona Foreclosure Help-Line” offers general foreclosure prevention information including a toll-free phone number to access free counseling services. The American Bar Association provides “Find Legal” that includes a list of organizations that can offer foreclosure assistance including a national foreclosure hotline to help homeowners facing foreclosure. Utah’s “Mortgage Foreclosure Site” offers a resource for finding legal help and a link to housing educator counselors.

If you are a tenant, Oregon’s “Foreclosure Help” site offers information for renters including laws and frequently asked questions. Oregon also has a great section on the  “Making Home Affordable Program” which is available in all states. Ohio has a really extensive site entitled “Save the Dream” that offers a variety of links for the: Homeowner, Renter, Families Recovering from Foreclosure, and Communities Recovering from Foreclosure.

If you are seeking financial help, North Carolina has a “Foreclosure Prevention Fund” available for lending to qualified North Carolina homeowners. New York City has a “Foreclosure Prevention and Mitigation” program for neighborhoods affected by foreclosures. Illinois has a “Mortgage Relief” program which may be available to eligible homeowners. These are just a few of the sites available for the homeowner.

If you are interested in mortgage foreclosures, in order to purchase a home, there are websites available to assist you also. The United States General Services Administration offers extensive information on its “Buying a Foreclosed Home” website including Pre-foreclosure; Auctions; Bank-Owned Homes, and Buying from Governmental Agencies. The Federal Department of Housing & Urban Development provides “HUD.GOV/HUDHomes” a searchable website of homes owned by HUD. It can be searched by state, county and city and also by type of buyer such as owner-occupied, investor, government agency or non-profit agency. HUD also provides an informational link to a purchase program known as the “Good Neighbor Next Door” program designed for teachers, firefighters and other public employees.

Another site that you can search by state is the Fannie Mae “” website. This site includes properties that are owned by Fannie Mae and are now available for purchase through your local realtor. It includes pictures of the properties and detailed property characteristics.

After searching the national websites for available properties, you can also search for mortgage foreclosures in your local area by contacting your local County Sheriff’s Office regarding “sheriff sales” or “foreclosure sales.” You can find either a direct link or contact information for your specific County Sheriff using the “Free Public Records Search Directory” website.  You can access links for “sheriff sales” and many other types of information including property records, land records, zoning records, and more.

Whether you are facing foreclosure or looking to buy a foreclosed property, there are many available sources of information listed on the “Foreclosures and Tax Lien Sale Records Resources” portion of the public records directory website which can be searched by state, county and city.

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