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More and more court records are finding their way online, and many of them are free. We’ve talked about court records in general; see Court Records Basics, What to Know Before Searching Court Records Online,  About Criminal Records and Where to Find Them, Using Court Records for Background Investigations, and Small Claims Case Records.

We’ve talked about some of examples of the many different state court records searches; see Electronic Access to Florida Court Records,  Online Access to Virginia Court Cases, McHenry County Illinois Online Court Access, Online Access to Maryland Probate Records, and Utah Ahead of the Curve in Online Access to Statewide Court Records.

The Virginia and Maryland record searches are free. So is Illinois’ McHenry County Circuit Court, which has been joined by several other Circuit Courts such as DeKalb County. Most of the Illinois Circuit Court searches by county require a fee; Court Reference tells you which. The Florida statewide online search is free, but once you locate a case document, there is a fee to order the  hard copy. However, many individual Florida courts have free searches; as always, CourtReference has the links. Also check CourtReference to see which of those ahead-of-the-curve Utah searches are free.

 We’ve also talked about some state-specific issues with online court records; see Online Access to New Hampshire Court Records and Proposal to Limit Access to Wisconsin Court Records. Fortunately, New Hampshire has at least made a start by making high profile cases available, and Wisconsin still has its Circuit Court records online. Several local Wisconsin jurisdictions have their court records online too, and CourtReference has the links. All the New Hampshire and Wisconsin record searches are free.

In fact, CourtReference is constantly adding links to online court records searches. Here are some examples of just the free case record searches we’ve added in the past year:

In California, we’ve added Kings County Civil Case Records, Los Angeles County Superior Court Case Summaries, and Stanislaus County Superior Court High Profile Cases.

In Kansas, we’ve added Clearwater Municipal Court Docket Report (pleas and convictions) and Haven Municipal Court Convictions. Also check our Kansas court records page for links to recently filed District Court cases in Ellis, Gove, Rooks, and Trego Counties.

In Louisiana, we’ve added Shreveport City Court Case Records and St. Bernard 34th Judicial District Court Records.

In Minnesota, we’ve added Hennepin County High Profile Cases and Hennepin County District Court Selected Felony Case Information.

New Jersey now has a free statewide Superior Court Case Records search. And in North Carolina, check out the Guilford County Superior Court Verdicts.

Keep checking CourtReference for the latest additions to the growing list of online court records.

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