Looking for a New Business Location?

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If you’re looking for a new location for your business, many states and counties have websites to search for available commercial and industrial real estate.  One great website is the State of Maryland’s Buildings and Sites website.  You can search for industrial buildings, office buildings and available sites by county and up to 30 other selection criteria such as size, type of construction, price per square foot or acre, utilities, and owner.

Other states and counties have similar websites which you can find through “Free Public Records Directory.”  Using the website, click on the state and then the county of interest to see whether there is a link labelled “Commercial/Industrial Real Estate Search”  If so, click on the link in order to search for the sites and buildings that meet your needs.   These websites are a great way to search for a new business location or to find properties which are similar in size or price for comparison purposes.  Some of the states with commercial/industrial real estate links are Arizona, California, Colorado, and many others.

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