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Do you need a map of the State, County or City where you live? Are you looking for a current map or a historic one of your area? You may be surprised by the number and types of maps available online. Most States offer standard maps such as road maps, crime maps, legislative district maps, and others. However, many States offer other useful maps including historic maps.

For instance, Utah’s “Geologic Survey Maps,” include geologic maps, geologic hazard maps, ground water maps and topographic maps. Alabama’s “Air Photo Maps” available by County includes views by location and date including historic air photo maps. Alabama’s “Historical Map Archive” also provides links to other historic maps including historic Alabama maps, historic maps of other states and historic maps of the world including some from before the 1800’s.

You can view an assortment of maps on California’s “State Maps” page including such categories as: Driving and Transportation including Amtrak Route maps; Education maps; Environmental maps including air quality maps; Geological maps including earthquake maps; Government maps including licensed facilities maps, and broadband availability maps; Tourism maps including parks, trails, fishing; and many other maps not listed.

Florida’s “Land Boundary Information System” has survey data maps, elevation maps, orthophoto maps, wetlands inventory maps, and others. Another State website with a variety of maps is “Kansas Maps” which offers County bridge maps, vertical clearance maps, historic state maps, and others.

These are just a few of the available state, county and city maps accessible by using our “Mapping and GIS Records Resources” page.  In addition to the static maps, also available are interactive GIS maps with numerous layers and views including boundaries, census data, cities and towns, floodplains, and more. Be sure to check the main mapping page for links to the many available U.S. maps including the “Superfund Site Finder” map where you can access additional information about each site.

No matter what your public record needs are, you can use our “Free Public Record Search Directory” website to find many great links including assessor records, land records, birth and death records, and more.

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