Licensed Contractors – Find One or Become One

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Are you looking for a registered general contractor?  Do you want to verify that a contractor is licensed with the State?  Do you want to get your own contractors’ license?  Or, do you have your contractors’ license but need to renew it?

There are a number of States that offer a variety of contractor related services such as online license searches, online license applications and online renewals.  Some States even offer online searches of contractor disciplinary actions. 

On Alabama’s General Contractors’ “License Roster Search,” you can access detailed information about each licensed contractor using the license number or name.  Some of the details included are contact information, specialty and expiration date of the license.  Alabama also provides information about “How to Apply for a License, how to renew, pertinent rules and regulations, and the testing process.

Oregon’s “Construction Contractor License Search” can be searched by contractor’s name, business name, license number or even business phone number.  Pennsylvania not only provides a search of “Registered Contractors” but also provides information about selecting a contractor.  They even provide a link to the “Better Business Bureau” to check for complaints against specific contractors.

Rhode Island’s “Contractors’ Status Lookup” allows details about registered residential contractors and commercial roofers to be viewed.  Rhode Island’s Licensing Board also provides a “Dispute Resolution” process which includes an on-site investigator to help resolve disputes over quality of work, breach of contract, and more.

You can “Register as a Contractor” online with the State of Washington including an online renewal option.  Washington also provides “Contractor or Tradespeople Lookup” using name, city and/or county, or license number.  There is also a “Violator Search” option to see a list of businesses or individuals that have violated the contractor registration laws, rules or regulations.

The “West Virginia Division of Labor” provides a wonderful detailed explanation about the steps necessary to become a licensed contractor.  It also provides an online “Contractor Search” by city.  The State of Virginia offers not only a “License Lookup” but also a record of all “Contractor Disciplinary Actions” occurring since April 2002.

To check for contractor information in the states which aren’t listed, use “Contractor License Records Resources” for a complete list of the states.  The individual State pages will include available State contractor license websites and available County contractor license websites. 

It appears that most States offer online access to contractor licensing information so that people can make an informed decision about either hiring a contractor or becoming a contractor.  Other types of public records including business licenses and professional licenses can also be searched by State using “Free Public Records Search Directory.”

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