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If you are looking online for a map either for a city, county or state, there is a good chance that there will be an interactive GIS (Geographic Information System) map that will meet your needs.  GIS maps are interactive maps that combine geographic information with a variety of data such as assessed values, neighborhood information, political boundaries, crime statistics, utilities, natural features, topography, police and fire services including many more categories. 

Not too many years ago, GIS maps were still in the development phase and available only at a limited number of agencies.  However, GIS maps are now wonderful tools for viewing information online at almost every governmental level.

Using Free Public Records Directory – Mapping  you can access available GIS maps by state, county and various cities.  If you don’t find a GIS map link for your county or city, check out the link for your State GIS maps.  Many State GIS maps can be viewed by county or city.  For example, Arizona’s GIS Map Viewer maps can be zoomed to the county or city level.   

The State of Delaware has a great GIS website, Delaware DataMIL, which includes a catalog of available maps, topography maps, aerial photography maps, and has developed a “Map Production Laboratory ” where you can create a map with your own specific requirements.  On Michigan’s Map Michigan website, you can find a location, plan a route and save a map for future reference.

If you check out the GIS maps for your locality, you may find information that you didn’t know was available.  With today’s technology, almost any type of information can be viewed and sorted on an interactive map. 

If you have other public information needs, Free Public Records Directory provides links to free public information for all 50 states, counties within the states and many of the cities .

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