How’s the traffic in your area?

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Does it seem that your commute to work has gotten longer? Did you hear about an accident on the radio and wish that you could check the traffic before leaving your home or the office? Using our “Traffic Cameras and Reports Resources” website, you can check your specific state and county for traffic camera websites for your area.

The Alabama Department of Transportation “traffic information and cameras” page includes traffic cameras, major construction projects, road conditions, rest areas, and congestion information. Using Alaska’s “Road Weather Information System” website, you can place your curser over an area in Alaska to view either the traffic cameras or the current weather conditions. California Department of Transportation offers “live traffic cameras” for most areas in California by area and intersection. You can also check the current highway conditions by highway number.

The “traffic cameras” in Louisiana can be viewed on your computer or on your smart phone which also includes road closures, crashes, traffic problems, weather, lane closures, and traffic speeds. Select a region for current traffic conditions on Pennsylvania’s “travel information” website including personalized traveler alerts by phone. You can view traffic in Texas by area and then view the freeways, streets, ferry and speed charts including road weather sensors on its “traffic cameras” website. The State of Washington “Traveler Information” has a very comprehensive website that includes travel alerts by area, traffic cameras, aviation cameras and ferry cameras. You can also access weather forecasts, cross-state travel routes, and mountain pass conditions.

As you can see, the above websites provide not only current traffic information but a lot more. Using these sites, your next trip across town or across the state may be much easier.

Using our “Free Public Records Search Directory” you can access a variety of public records including land records, maps, government jobs, and more.

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