How To Find Legal Help When You Can’t Afford It

The internet offers many online legal resources for people without attorneys, including legal information and other self-help resources. Some sites also link to organizations that offer free or low-cost legal assistance. The sites listed below are suggested as starting points to find online legal resources in every state.

Legal Information: Legal information is not legal advice, but it can outline the laws and procedures for different types of cases. Many general questions can be answered with online legal information.

Legal Assistance: Legal assistance can take several forms. Every state has organizations that offer free legal services to eligible clients, including telephone advice services. In addition, free legal clinics may be offered by local courts, bar associations or other community organizations. Some lawyers volunteer “pro bono” services and do not charge fees. Many lawyers provide free or low-cost consultations, and some lawyers are willing to provide limited legal advice and assistance for a fixed fee, such as help with filling out court forms or preparing for trial.

Links to online legal resources for every state:

This site has a “Courts Online” section for each state that offers links to a wide variety of free online legal resources, including online court forms, self-help services, legal research links, attorney referral services and links to organizations offering free or low-cost legal services. This site also has a Court Directory with contact information for courts, including websites and online record search services.
This site mostly offers information related to civil cases, such as Divorce, Landlord-Tenant, Foreclosure, Debt Collection, Employment, Abuse Prevention, Child Custody and Child Support. Information about criminal cases is generally limited to referrals to other organizations, but legal information varies by state. This site also offers directories for each state with listings of organizations that offer free legal assistance.
This site offers legal information for every state with a focus on laws related to domestic violence and family law. This site offers comprehensive legal information about domestic violence protection orders, family law issues and the criminal justice system. Links to local resources are also available, including organizations that offer free legal assistance to eligible clients.
Free legal assistance for military servicemembers and their families. “Legal assistance offices are located on almost every base, ship and installation. If you have trouble locating legal assistance, you can search the Legal Assistance Office Locator to find the office nearest your location.”

Library of Congress
Legal information and legal research links are organized by state. This site includes links to state laws, rules, codes and other legal materials.

Department of Justice
Legal resources are organized by state.

American Bar Association
An online search service for legal assistance in every state.

2 thoughts on “How To Find Legal Help When You Can’t Afford It

  1. Randy Becker

    Hi, I have been looking forever for an agency that helps people that are disabled. I have been disabled from June 3,2005-now. After working and almost never getting sick for 20+ yrs.I’m a 42y/o male basically living in my brothers house from a rare lung and bone disease. Would you happen to know of any agency that helps with child support. I loose almost half of my check to my son who is nineteen and Florida won’t stop the support without a court order. Plus SSA also pays support on top of it. If you know of anybody or an agency I would be greatly appreciative. Thanks Again.Randy Becker

  2. Dan

    My union and my employer violated my civil rights I’m disabled I had 3 surgeries I was fired from my job and my union did not represent me properly I have been on workers comp for 5 years now with two bad knees and getting ready to go on for for surgery I have no more resources I’m living check by check have one son that I have to take care of his mother passed away on that same job 11 years ago and we had a bad experience with the job. I cannot afford a lawyer at this time I really need help for me and my family I know my employer and Union violated my civil rights


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