How Safe is Your Community?

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Everyone wants to feel safe in their community.  Being able to research the crimes in your community or city is a great way to become knowledgeable and well-informed.

Many cities, counties and states provide online crime data through GIS maps.  The maps generally provide information accessible by crime type, incident date or address.  You can access a number of available links through our “Crimes and Crime Data Resources” website.  Below are easy to follow instructions.

Main “Free Public Records Search Directory” website.  On our “Free Public Records Search Directory” website, choose “Crimes and Crime Data” under “Search Public Records by Type of Record.”  Choosing this link will take you to our main “Crimes and Crime Data” website.

Main “Crimes and Crime Data” website.  On the “Crimes and Crime Data” page, you can choose national crime links including a link to view crime data by state, county or city.  The “Crime Mapping” link provides a national map for nationwide crime data by address. When finished, click on “Return to Results.” You can also access crime links by state on this main “Crimes and Crime Data” page.  Click on Washington State, as an example.

“Washington Crimes and Crime Data Directory” website.  On this “Washington Crimes and Crime Data Directory” page, scroll down to “King County” and click on the “City of Seattle Crime Maps” link.

On Seattle’s crime maps website, you can view: Crimes Against Persons; Assisting the Public; Drugs and Vice; Property Crime and Theft; Fire Response, and more, by entering a City of Seattle address or by selecting a neighborhood.  The results include the type of crime, date and time of the incident, and incident id number. The actual police reports can be viewed through free online registration using the “City of Seattle Police Reports” website.

When you finish viewing the Seattle link, you can return to the main “Washington Crimes” page by clicking on “Return to Results” located in the upper right hand corner of the page.

Additional “Washington Crimes and Crime Data Directory” searches. Many of the counties and cities in Washington State offer online crime data.  You can choose another municipal link to search, and again, click on “Return to Results,” when done.

“Free Public Records Search Directory” website.  On the “Washington Crimes and Crime Data Directory” page, choose “Home” to return to our main website page.  On the main “Free Public Records Search Directory” website page, you can use the same steps to search other types of public records such as Assessor Records; Birth Records; Voter and Election Information, and more.   Some of the specific legal-related records include: Court Records; Jail and Inmate Records; Sex Offender Registration; Warrants, and more.

We hope that you have found your community’s crime-related information so that you can make an informed decision about the safety of the community where you live.

We strive to provide a website that is user-friendly and one that provides easy access to a number of valuable public records.

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