Help Bring EPA Fugitives to Justice

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Protecting the environment is no longer merely about words, ideas, and philosophies. Many people now have begun taking decisive action to do their part in protecting the environment. Fears of global warning have recently pushed the green movement in the forefront of many. However, not only are individuals taking changing habits and making big efforts, the government also works to keep our environment safe.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the federal agency assigned with the responsibility of many areas dealing with the environmental. The EPA provides many different resources for citizens to stay informed about environmental studies, records, and tips. One interesting tool to the online resources provided by the EPA is a fugitive database.

The EPA fugitive database provides information on wanted individuals being investigated by the EPA Criminal Investigation Division. These wanted individuals have fled from the court’s jurisdiction instead of facings prosecution and sentencing. As such, they are fugitives from the law and must be brought back to the appropriate court to face the penalty.

The information provided for the fugitives includes a photograph, a case summary, potential current locations, and links showing who you can contact with information on the fugitive. There are phone numbers you can call to report nay information, or there is a web form which you can submit where you list the name of the fugitive, the name of the person who saw the fugitive, date of sighting, and location of sighting. There will also be a warning if the fugitive is believed to be armed and dangerous. The EPA crimes can include acts such as smuggling �ozone depleting substances, illegally treating or disposing hazardous waste. If you want to view, download, or print the wanted posted a PDF document is available.

Additionally, if you would like information on which EPA fugitives have been captured, the site also provides this information. You will be able to view information about the crime, the case, and sentencing.

You can do your part to help capture these fugitives, and this online database makes it even easier to do so. To find access to the EPA fugitive database as well as other federal government resources, visit The Free Pubic Records Directory. Here you can find links to government agencies, online databases, and much more.

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