Government Spending Records; Which States Provide Easy Access?

Reviewing the financial transactions of your state government requires just a few clicks on your computer in some states. As tax payers, we spend a lot of money each year, and some of us may want to know what that money is going towards. While the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) has helped open the gateway to making certain information public and accessible, actually finding these spending records could be a difficult task. Thus in some states, the governments have decided to implement databases which make the search process easier for the public.

Recently Kansas launched a state spending database called KanView. On the KanView page it introduces the services as an “online solution that brings better visibility, openness, and accessibility to state government financial activity for Kansas taxpayers. Although this information was available for public viewing before KanView, the new solution makes provides an easier way to review how the Kansas government spends tax payer money on education, social services, transportation, etc.

Kansas isn’t the only state to tackle the task of making government spending records easily accessible. States such as Hawaii, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Texas also have database spending records. Additionally, the Maryland legislature is in the processes of approving a similar database.

State spending databases can be found on the government website for the state. For example, KanView can be found on the siteï ¿ ½

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