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If a government job appeals to you, this information should make your search much easier.  Many states offer government job searches by location. 

The State of Texas has a great website for employers and employees called “Work in Texas.”  The section for employees can be searched by occupation, by hiring agency, by job type and by location such as zip code or region. The website allows job seekers to register in order to take advantage of other free services such as email notifications, resume building and other career tools.

The section for employers allows potential employers to post job openings, receive email notifications, access resumes and match with potential employees through searches by text, occupation, education or location. This website is easy to use and allows both the employer and employee to customize their searches in order to obtain the best results in the desired location.

Many other states have similar websites for those interested in government jobs.  Using “Free Public Records Directory – Government Jobs” you can locate other states that offer job searches including searches by county.  On the main Government Jobs page, click on the state of interest.  You will find the job search description for the state and by scrolling down, the counties that also offer government job links.  Only those counties with job links will appear.   In addition to Texas, some of the states with search options by county are Colorado, Nebraska, Virginia and Wisconsin.   Good luck with your job search!

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