Government Employee and Department Directories

Do you need to contact a certain governmental agency but don’t know where to start? Do you need to call or email a state, county or city agency but don’t have the phone number or email address? You can find phone numbers, email addresses and department services directories for states, counties and cities using our “Employee Directory Records Resources” page.

Here are just a few of the available links. The District of Columbia’s “Directory of Agencies and Services” provides a search by agency name or services name providing the phone number, fax number, address, description of services, and a link to the agency.

The State of California’s “Employee Search” offers an employee search by last name, first name, last name only, or a partial last name. The results include name, agency, city, phone number, email address and email link. California’s “Agency Lookup” website provides a search by agency name or keyword providing a list of divisions within the agency, employee names with phone numbers, and an agency link.

Florida’s “Online Telephone Directory” provides a variety of options for phone number searches including employee name, agency, city, county, school, subject, university or community college.

New York State’s “phone directory” can be searched by last name, first name, address, city or agency providing the phone number, name and location of agency including a link to the agency.  Department links are also available alphabetically using New York’s “Contact Information for State Agencies” website.

If you don’t find the information that you need using our employee and department directory links, you can use our “Free Public Records Research Directory” page to further search by state, county, city or type of record. Some of the other types of available online information include maps, laws, licenses, and public record searches such as birth records, death records, marriage records, and more.  Depending on your type of search, there should be a link that will help you find the information that you need.

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