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There are so many steps that go into planning a wedding and actually getting married that sometimes people forget about the most crucial item – the marriage license. There are so many questions about obtaining your license such as where to apply, when to apply, what is the cost, and is there a waiting period? To answer all of your questions, research needs to be done to ensure that you have the license when you need it. Also, where do we apply for our license if we’re getting married in another state? Can we have the ceremony at the courthouse? If so, where do we call and what does it cost?

Each state has its own rules and regulations regarding obtaining marriage licenses. Using our “Marriage Records Resources” website, you can access marriage license information for all of the U.S. states and counties. Many states and counties have online information including online marriage license applications. The State of New York’s marriage license website covers all aspects of the licensing process. If you’re getting married in New York you can apply for your license from any town or city clerk in the state. Both parties must be present when applying for the license and it is issued while you wait. There is a 24 hour waiting period before the ceremony can take place. Any couple that meets the current requirements is eligible to marry regardless of sex.

According to Nevada’s Clark County Clerk licensing website, there is no marriage license waiting period and the license is valid for one year. In order to save time, you can complete an online application and bring the reference number with you when you apply in person. In addition to the main Marriage Bureau Office, there are outlying locations to make the process even easier. Hawaii also has a streamlined marriage license process including an online application. Clatsop County, Oregon’s marriage license website, explains that the marriage license can only be used in Oregon and there is a 3 day waiting period. You can schedule an appointment with the Clatsop County Clerk to perform the ceremony.

Once the ceremony has been performed, the official will sign the marriage certificate and submit it to the City or County Clerk for recording. Upon recording, some Counties and Cities automatically forward a copy to the couple for their records. If you need a copy of a marriage record, you can contact the City or County where the ceremony was performed. Information for obtaining marriage records can either be found on the County’s marriage license website or the County’s marriage records website, depending on the County.

The above websites are just a few of the municipal sites that provide marriage license information. As you can see, if you do your research you’ll have all the information that you need to apply for your marriage license and have the wedding that you’ve planned.

You can research other types of public records using our “Free Public Records Directory” including birth and death records, laws and codes, and much more.

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